Online casino to play with smartphone

Internet gambling anywhere in a smartphone compatible online casino

Online casinos have also responded to modern network conditions, and more sites have been able to play on smartphones.
Garakae was mainstream until a while ago, so there was a problem both graphically and communication, but as the smartphone came out, it started to move to Switzerland on the 4G line. It seems that the fact that on-line casinos are now playing around the world is also due to these technological parts.

As an online casino registration method, basically it is not a problem only with e-mail address and personal information.
Those who play on-line casino for the first time tend to think that procedures are troublesome · · · Once you register it, you can continue playing very easily afterwards. In addition, since most online casinos can play with the same deposit and withdrawal system, it is possible to find any games you like or change it as soon as you want to play another game .

How to play online casinos with smartphone?

Online casino can be played in the environment, but first of all internet line is essential. In other words, it is necessary for either PC or smartphone (iphone or Android) to be able to communicate with the Internet.
Since it may be necessary to enter personal information etc. only for the first registration, we recommend you to register on personal computer.
There are also restrictions on the online casino game that you can play depending on the site.
For gambling of type that communicates in real time in live form, for example, table games such as blackjack and poker, mostly it does not correspond to smartphone.
Since the unspecified number of people are accessing the game around here by one person, if one person brings trouble in access, the game will be stalled. I can still forgive you if this is a 1 dollar bet, but it seems you got crazy if you fall into such a situation when you are betting 100 dollars.
Oh well, online casinos may have the highest premium above. Depending on the site, you can normally bet about $ 1,500, so table games are for PC only. It is common to say that.
But there are not table games corresponding to smartphone, because there are also video games, that is, a site that you can play with something against opponent's nonexistent CPU.
Let's choose these parts according to your play style.

So, we will introduce our online casinos that we can recommend with our recommended smartphones in ranking format.


Online casino · Points to distinguish dangerous sites

Point 1. Confirm unpaid information

Let's search by keywords such as "site name + danger" "site name + fraud" "site name + unpaid".
For those sites that have brought disadvantages to users even once, such information immediately appears on the table.


Point 2. Send a question as I like anything

This way is quite effective when trying a new online casino site.
I have tried new casinos before but I can tell if there is a reply to the question, and at the timing of replying, I can trust that casino company.
Sites that do not respond to reply are not recommended to be so honest.



I experienced a casino in Korea

When I went to Korea trip for the first time the other day the other day, I went to a casino with my wife. The place is safe because it is in the Lotte hotel in Busan and people staying can always go for fun.
Of course, minors can not enter so please be careful! !

First pass the passport at the reception counter immediately, enter necessary information, and you will receive a card once registration is completed.
If you go to the table you want to play with that card and give out the card and money, it will change to the amount of money for the amount of money. When I got more than 500 million won, I was checking whether it was a counterfeit by hitting the light. I am firmly informed. Lol

Now, the game is starting!
It was Blackjack who first sat down. Since I was the first time I went to play for 100 yen each. I think that I could sit well up to five on one table.
Because I did not understand the rule at all, it was while teaching to the master but if it says simply it is a rule of feeling that it would be 21.
If two cards are dealt out and the number is closer to 21 than the parent, they win. If two cards are not enough for 21 numbers, you can draw the card, but beyond 21 you will lose with bust. 21 It is 1.5 times as much as the bet I bet if it is perfect.
Also, when parents may be 21, there is a way to say that it is only half of the chips bet by insurance saying a surrender. If you did not do a surrender and the parent was 21, you will get all the chips you bet on losing. Easily it was a rule explanation. Lol

Although I am a beginner but I am in trouble because I do not know the number of cards added, I can tell you the numbers that the dealer added, so it was fun to play.
When you are playing you will gradually understand the rules! ! It is interesting because it makes friends with people on the same table as you are playing for a long time. (^ ^)
Sometimes, some people complain like "If you draw a card now !!", do not mind it. Lol

Also, at the table you can ask for liquor and snacks for free and eat and drink while playing.
Appetizers were dry items such as cheese and crackers. The order will be ordered to the dealer.
You can only drink alcohol while playing games, but soft drinks and coffee are free to drink so you can take a breath.
Also, hungry when you are playing, do not you? Lol
Before going to rice, tell the dealer will go to rice and give me a meal ticket and take it with me and you can eat rice for free.
When I went there was abalone porridge, Yangnyeong chicken, sandwiches, etc. from cooked rice to snacks. Even though I did not receive a ticket before, it seems that I could have been eaten freely, but it seemed to be stingy. Lol

Well, my wife is crazy about Blackjack when I thought about going home soon ...
As I am free, when I was watching other games and tables, there were various people, such as a table betting a great amount of money and a person who played games while reading a book like a strategy.

There were slots games, etc. Even though I was looking at people for a long time, I did not understand how to play, and few people themselves were playing.
I have nothing to do but I am free with coffee. I thought it was a roulette. !
When I looked at the person who was playing it seemed like putting chips at the place of numbers, black or red, and placing chips that won beside the chip of the person who hit it when I hit it.
Try it because it seems easy! And thought that I did not have the courage to place chips on figures so I decided to put it on red or black.
On the side of the roulette is written on the monitor what kind of numbers and what color it stopped up to now. Well, this is lucky. While thinking, I put a piece of chips in the red place for the time being ... ... and then, I hit it! Lol
There is no big defeat if you choose red or black! While thinking that he was playing with roulette until his master finished playing. I want to imitate seeing other people 's betting method, but I kept choosing between red or black while thinking that layman should be grown - up. Lol
It's fun because I hit it unexpectedly though it's simple (^ ^)

Then the wife returned home with less than half of the chips I had. Lol
My wife was surprised even though I had been increasing the number of chips by one person, so I decided to go home after playing with a little roulette by two people.
Rules are also simple so it is recommended for beginners.
The result after exchanging chips after finishing the game is ... two people win! ! ! It is Beginners rack. Lol

7 LUCK in Busan is safe because there are Japanese speaking staff. Also, since there are also many Japanese tourists, I think that it is ants to ask people around that if there is something. Lol
After that you can do shopping directly at the department store or you can also go to a duty - free shop, so it is recommended.
Dad went to the casino and shopping with mom and children at the department store ... There were some people. Lol