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What is Everest Casino?

Everest Poker is an online match-up poker game
Texas Holdem Poker and Omaha Poker are handled.
There is also a free way to start from the free chip you get at the beginning and play
There is also a way to open an account, play cash and actually play.


Experiences of Everest Casino

was playing Texas Hall Poker all the time because I only knew the rules of Texas Hold 'em when I started doing it.
I tried Omaha poker a couple of times since I got used to it, but the rule of Texas Hold 'em is lower, but the probability that I can play a role is lower, but I used to spend a lot of fun, so it was fun.

There are several tables that you can join, select a table according to the level etc and sit down.
I will start when the number of people gathers.
It is also possible to leave during the free play in the middle.

As the cart starts to start, the cart is dealt and I am going to play the game
Because the opponent is not a computer but a human being, you can read the psychology from the other party's attitude and bargain, so you can taste the realistic feeling as if you are playing face to face with a real casino.

I played mostly with free play
Everest Poker has sponsored WSOP (World Series of Poker, the annual Poker World Championship held in Las Vegas) and we have challenged it because we deal with the WSOP preliminary contest.

The result is qualifying with a missing second place. Lol

After that, because it was decided to go to the Japanese delegation game to be held in Tokyo
At this time, we actually played poker in face to face with about 10 tables per table.
Unfortunately I could not get a ticket to Las Vegas, but I got through to the finals and I was very happy because it was over about 150 people and finished with about 16th place.

It was a start from where Poker's rules are not enough to swallow
The commentary on Everest Poker is easy to understand, as there are places where you can practice and become a training room and skills are raised, I think that it is easy for even beginners to start.
When you begin to understand the rules and start playing, you do not even feel the sense of accomplishment when you win the psychological warfare you can actually do. Because it may win with a hatred. Lol

If you are going to start poker, first of all I think I recommend you from Everest Poker.

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