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Popular casino to advance to the world, Verajohn Casino

What is VeraJohn Casino?

VeraJohn Casino is an overseas online casino licensed by the Maltese government.
Why did you choose VeraJohn Casino among the many casinos because you can play on the mobile? It is bothersome to carry with a personal computer, and you have to worry about the internet environment, so you can not go for translation as you are now available.

Because VeraJohn Casino has a lot of Japanese support, it is easy to register, there are some payment / withdrawal methods and it is easy to use.
I wanted to play around right away, but I noticed that I did not have a credit card. I thought that it will come later, but since I was able to remit money from the domestic bank, I was able to play right away.

Deposit Bonus of VeraJohn Casino

First of all, it is profitable if you make a payment to a larger amount because you get 100% first deposit bonus.
Moreover, since this casino's bonus is broken up by cash and bonus (most casino gets cash and bonus together, it becomes a mechanism that can not be dropped even if you win by winning tens of times the amount before drawing out Is in

First of all, it is very appreciated for players who start playing in cash, when they become positive, they can withdraw immediately and dispose immediately, use the bonus from there if the cash runs out, treat the betting conditions in play, treat them like cash It is becoming specification.

So I entered $ 300 for the time and got a bonus and played.

VeraJohn Casino Recommended Slot Game

The chosen table is a fish called Fish Party with a motif.

Why is this kittens, there is a famous explosion table with a sea motif in another online casino, it is a totally unfounded choice as to whether to go out the same way 🙂
Well it was the right answer!

I got free spins when I got three scatter scatterers (I think that the number of games, magnification varies depending on the time) During the free spin, it was a explosion specification that it is easy to chunk the same picture.
I already lost 100 dollars on another machine, so I am going to lower the bet amount to 3 dollars. Then how many scatter stops stop three scatter stops and it is free spin get!
There is an online casino that hits as soon as you lower the bet amount X( Let's just hit it!

The result of that free spin is over 100 times more than the bet worth 300 dollars ♪ Here we have enough money to raise the bet amount to 6 dollars. Then you can not close right away.
Well it is natural, is not it? However, thankfully there is no major change in the balance, a long-awaited free spin get at a place about 100 revolutions

If I thought that I should be able to subtract the previous hit, I hit a jackpot of over $ 1,200! With a single bonus it is 200 times the wager, in Japanese yen it is a big victory over 120,000 yen! The balance also exceeds 1,600 dollars (it is the bonus-free amount) Now if I cut off the bonus and quit, I win 1,300 dollars, but I think I will still play it because it's a big opportunity.