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What is 32red Online Casino

32red Online casino is a casino with a history as long as it is said to be a long-established store in the online casino world.
Since 2003, I have been awarded the Best Casino Award, and my name is known as a casino with full support.
32red On-line casinos can play not only on windows but also on computers with Mac.
Since there is an environment that allows you to play games without having to download games to your PC, it is a casino that can respond to the demands of players who want to play games right now.
Because it also supports mobile terminals such as iPhones and smartphones, the convenience that you can play even while you are on a train or bus is also a feature of 32red online casino.
Also, 32red online casino has more than 300 kinds of games implemented.
Even slots alone have far more than 200 types of machines installed, so just finding your own favorite will be able to enjoy a lot of games.
But, if there are such slots, there will be people who do not know which slots to do.
So, this time we will introduce slots that we recommend to those who do not know such an online slot.

32red online casino recommendation slot game

It is "THUNDERSTRUCK 2" to introduce.

"THUNDERSTRUCK 2" is a classic machine as an online slot, and it is a machine that you surely heard if you know the online slot.
What is the biggest feature of "THUNDERSTRUCK 2" is free spin that you can add any bonus.
Depending on the bonus, there are bonuses that increase the payout ratio every time the array is aligned, and five times the dividend is added to free spins from the beginning.
Free spin is a bonus that you can expect an extremely high dividend, so there is no doubt that you will clench your sweat in your hands!
In addition, "THUNDERSTRUCK 2" also has a special bonus called WILD STORM.
When WILD STORM is activated, suddenly THOR, the main character of the slot, comes down and changes the reel to expanded wild.
If you are lucky you can expect multiple payouts because you will change multiple reels to wild patterns.
"THUNDERSTRUCK 2" is a slot that is loved by online slot fans, although the system is simple but interesting.
However, please pay attention to the situation that the coin runs out because the wave is set to be rough as much as free spins can expect high dividends.