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CASINO-X with many slot types

What is CASINO-X

CASINO - X is a casino with plenty of online slots and gaming machines, even though there are few types of games.
Since we also have machines with large explosive power like "PHOENIX SUN" introduced this time, it would be interesting to find a machine that suits me.
CASINO-X has become an online casino that can be recommended to people who are addicted to online slots that would like gaming.

CASINO-X's recommended slot game

Introducing is "PHOENIX SUN" where special bonus is interesting.

"PHOENIX SUN" is usually a machine with 243 payline enabled, but it is a fairly special machine where up to 7776 lines are effective as special wild patterns are aligned.
And winning free spins when the line becomes effective to the maximum.
Since 7776 lines are valid, free spins can be made, making it a very high destructive power for a single blow.
However, in order to activate the 7776 line, you must combine the special wild pattern five times in succession and align the picture.
Therefore, it can be said that it takes some time to enter free spins with "PHOENIX SUN".
Also, the machine "PHOENIX SUN" is a machine which can not skip stop.
The reel stops quickly, and the processing of the slot itself is not heavy, so it's not bothersome, but it is a regrettable machine with the impression that you can play more comfortably if you can skip stops.
"PHOENIX SUN" is a machine with a high explosive power and a high gaming nature.
However, because it is also a machine with a high gamble property, it is a machine of magic that the balance is gone when it sticks to the point that free spins are poorly obtained.

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