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Get items and beat the boss! RPG-like online casino

What is casitabi?

casitabi has become a new form of online casino that combines RPG and casino.
Although it should be enjoying casino games, RPG is also playing, it can be said that it is a novel online casino where you can enjoy the feeling you have never seen before.
casitabi is a casino that you can recommend to people who have got bored of ordinary casinos or who want to enjoy the casino.

casitabi's recommended slot game

I introduce you at casitabi is "NEON STAXX".

"NEON STAXX" is an interesting slot with sudden jackpots.
In "NEON STAXX", there is a SUPER STAXX system in which a specific pattern is solidified and falls, so there is a feature that one destructive power is large and a small hit is likely to occur.
Even without entering the free spin, suddenly a big hit will occur, so if you are careful and turning the reel, suddenly a big hit! What a thing may happen!
In addition, "NEON STAXX" free spins are equipped with a system that increases the specific pattern on the reel.
Since the payout of the picture is not so high, it will be hard to connect to a big win but it will be a free spin that the slot's easiness to hit will rise.
"NEON STAXX" has 4 rows and 5 columns of reels, unlike ordinary slots.
Also, the picture does not fall down from the top, but it is a unique reel design that slides from the back to the front, so it can be said that it is visually fresh and interesting slot.
"NEON STAXX" is a slot that will entertain players with their own designs and sudden jackpots.
Because the load on the PC is also a light slot, it can be said that "NEON STAXX" is easy to play without imposing a burden on the PC.

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