QUEEN CASINO/Online casino

Online casinos where Japanese entertainers were selected as characters


QUEEN CASINO is an online casino with official operation license issued by the Philippine government.
There is only a Japanese sexy actress Uenhara Ai serving as an image character and it is also a site attracting attention in Japan.
Because QUEEN CASINO is an online casino that also supports tablet terminals such as smartphones, it is a convenient site where casinos can enjoy it even on the way to work while you are on work.

QUEEN CASINO is also a casino with many games.
This time we will introduce games that we can recommend even in such a game in QUEEN CASINO.

QUEEN CASINO Recommended Game / Capture

Recommended game is "Nirvana".

"Nirvana" has become an interesting machine with special bonus added to Free Spin.
In "Nirvana", free spin starts when collecting two or more images corresponding to free spins.
The number of free spins will change depending on the free spin pattern which appeared once when the pattern was 2 and 10 times if it was 3.
Also, "Free Spin" of "Nirvana", three special bonus to free spin will occur.
The first one is a bonus to replace 2 to 4 pictures with wild picture.
The second one is a bonus that brings the center three reels together with the same pattern.
And the third one is equipped with a bonus that shifts the reel and aligns the picture.
Every bonus is a bonus that you can expect a high payout, but the best is the first bonus to increase the wild picture.
The first bonus has a simple but powerful effect, making it a bonus that balances both the ease of winning and the high dividend rate.
"Nirvana" is a slot where the blow explosive power is large.
Especially the explosive power when a free spin occurs multiple times can be said to be a feature not found in other slots.
Also, "Nirvana" is a slot that combines explosive power and ease of hitting.
Because free spins will occur if two Three Spin designs are made, it is also a good point of "Nirvana" that small hits occur frequently.